It’s that restless ambition to go out, seek, and do, that has brought us here; sheer determination to not give up or give in that has carried us this far; and the dream, the dream! that started it all.


WHY WE MAKE WINE, The Long Story

ScottEternal dreamer. Collector of data.

The Grande Dalles began in the heart of Scott Elder, when, as an adventurous farm kid from north-east Kansas, he headed eastward for chemistry and grad school, falling in love with wine, and its connection to the people and place that make it. That was nearly 20 years ago. It’s been his journey ever since that has brought The Grande Dalles to life, and proof that while you can take the boy far from the farm, you can’t take the farm very far from the boy.

SamuelJoyful child.

Samuel Thaddeus James, our son and partner and pioneer from way back. Born in the year of our first vintage and the only real Oregonian among us. He runs the hills like the best little grey digger out there, into the wind and with no looking back.

JackCheeky dog.

All the way from Ireland and a traveler by trade, Jack keeps our vocal chords strong. Like we said earlier, cheeky dog.